National Seminar On THE LEGACY OF AWADH, March 16-17, 2016

National Seminar

March 16-17, 2016
(Sponsored by: Department of Higher Education, Govt. of U.P.)

Maharaja Bijli Pasi Government P.G. College, Lucknow feels privileged to invite you to the Seminar on “The Legacy of Awadh”. The Seminar strives to provide a platform to the academicians, educationists, historians, researchers, students and others to share their thoughts, viewpoints and experiences in the form of their writings, compositions, and suggestions which would help in the preservation of a culture which is under an imminent threat of extinction.

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Awadh through the Ages:

Awadh is one of the most beautiful and strikingly original cultural hubs of India. Vestiges of the past stand everywhere, whispering about the centuries that have seen Awadh evolve from its humble origin to the bustling, living city of today. It is best known as the abode of Nawabs, for its open spaces, its picturesque settings, its gardens and beautiful medieval buildings, its rich culture and magnificent traditional heritage. Awadh is equally famous for its traditional cuisine, fine arts and the most courteous people one will ever find in India. The cultural heritage of Awadh was influenced by the Mughal era and one will find that very Mughal touch in almost everything that relates to the culture of Awadh – be it the lip-smacking cuisine, the delightful music and dance forms or the conversation language, everything has a touch of the royal splendor .

The Aims of this Seminar:

1. To recognize, asses and study the culture, tradition and legacy of the kingdom of Awadh through the ages.
2. To improve upon the conceptual, theoretical and methodological basis for future work.
3. To identify opportunities for building and strengthening integrated approach for collaboration and research.
4. To instill a proactive attitude towards conservation and preservation of our cultural heritage.
5. To have the suggestions and valuable guidance from the elite gathering, regarding various ways and means by which we may prevent the decay of culture, heritage and traditions.


Sub Themes
1. Awadh: a center of culture.
2. Awadh during 1857.
3. Awadhi Dastarkhwan: then and now.
4. Poetry and literature in Awadh.
5. Socio-religious culture of Awadh.
6. Awadhi Sports.
7. Land Revenue Reforms during the period of Nawabs
8. The Nawabs of Awadh and their lifestyle.
9. Flora and fauna of Awadh through the ages.
10. Architectural marvels of the Kingdom of Awadh.
11. Art and Craft of Awadh.
12. Fashion and Attire of Awadh.
13. Position of Women in Awadh.

Call for Abstracts/ Papers
Abstracts/Papers in English/Hindi/Urdu are invited by the Organizing Committee, (In MS word Format) by post or email so as to reach us latest by 28th Feb. 2016. The delegates are requested to send their Abstracts / Papers through e-mails and a hard copy of the same to the Organizing Secretaries. The Font Size of the print is required to be Times New Roman-12 in English and Kruti Dev10 – Size 14 in Hindi. Word Limit for the abstract is 250-300 words and for the Paper 3000-4000 words. The Abstract and complete paper must reach the Convener within the stipulated time in the e-mail box:
Language of the Seminar:
The Language of the seminar will be English, Hindi and Urdu.

Registration Fee:
The delegates participating/presenting paper(s) in the seminar shall be required to deposit Rs. 500.00 (Students Rs. 300.00) in cash just before the seminar or by Demand Draft in favour of, Principal, Maharaja Bijli Pasi Govt. P.G. College, Lucknow payable at Lucknow

Venue of the Seminar:
The Multipurpose Hall of the College.

Chief Patron
Prof. (Dr.) R.P.Singh
Director, Higher Education, U.P.

Prof. (Dr.) Sarla Singh,
Principal/Regional Higher Education Officer, Lucknow

Cell: + 91 9838506071

Dr. B.K. Srivastava
Cell: + 91 9670013159
Dr. Mohd Sayeed
Cell: + 91 9935074197
Dr. Ajeet Kumar,
Cell: + 91 9935188189

Organizing Secretaries
Dr.Rashmi Yadav
Cell: + 91 9415757298
Dr. Sanobar Haider
Cell: + 91 9452040520

Organised by:
Maharaja Bijli Pasi Government P.G. College, Aashiyana,
(NAAC Accredited)