HCN community member Aman Bijlani’s story of neglect and demolition of an abandoned historic structure in Ahmedabad

The Indian countryside is littered with such structures that are slowly disappearing. Vigilant citizens like Aman Bijlani, however, continue to highlight the problem of how to deal with abandoned structures like this that are not protected by local, state or central agencies. Thank you for sharing Aman. And all members of the HCN community, please continue to share your stories. Here’s Aman’s story:

Hi. I’m Aman Bijlani from Ahmedabad, currently residing in Kankaria Ward. There is a building/structure/complex which I presume has a probable historic significance, presently within the campus of Kankaria water distribution station. I’ve been seeing it for past 15 years and been thinking about the history of that monument, but no one knows anything about it. It has been ignored by the residents living around. Good thing, it has now got surrounded by the water station walls for it helps in preserving the monument against vandalism; bad thing, I think a large part of it has been demolished (likely, deliberately) and is in derelict state. It according to rumours spread around a decade ago consisted (as the tunnel part has been demolished) of secret tunnels/passages which led to Jamshedpur, Junagadh and Karachi. I’ve myself seen the tunnels from outside but not sure about the destinations they led to of course. I’m hypothesizing that this monument must have been some kind of resting place for queens/women or a changing room for those who went to bath in the historic lake of Kankaria/Hauz-e-Qutb or both (which is located opposite to the site) and must be built in the 15th or 18th century. I’m just sharing it here for it makes us realize that such petty monuments are there like everywhere-standing wretched asking for some help but ends up being ignored (which, in a way is good but not great). Moreover, if possible for your team, can you get any information about it?
I’m attaching a photo here. [It was big tomb-like structure where kids who played cricket on the ground beside it (locally called football ground) sat and played but now only small part of it remains which I think got demolished because of the WDS