3rd International Conference on Documentation conservation and Restoration…

3rd International Conference on Documentation, conservation and Restoration of the Architectural Heritage and Landscape protection

| VALENCIA | 22th, 23th and 24th October 2015


The School of Engineering Building at the Polytechnic University of Valencia has been selected to host the third international congress on documentation, conservation and reuse of architectural and landscape heritage, ReUSO 2015, which will be held on 22 – 24 October 2015.

The annual event was born from the collaboration of both national and international academic institutions. The School of Architecture of Madrid, UPM, hosted the first edition, followed by the University of Florence. The third edition will be celebrated in Valencia. Other prestigious universities will participate in subsequent editions, hopefully ensuring the initiative’s future.

The universities mentioned above are working together in the overall organization of ReUSO 2015, while at the same time, public institutions and private companies will be present to promote and spread the research on the conservation and reuse of architectural heritage.

ReUso 2015 encourages the gathering of different specialists in restoration and architectural requalification, by disseminating methodologies and theoretical and practical aspects of intervention on architectural and landscape heritage. The main objective is to share experiences related to the reuse and recovery of built heritage, in the shape of historic fabric or individual buildings, and the enhancement of landscape and the elements that compose it.

The main topics that will be analysed in this congress are:

  • Item 1 – Criteria and methods of intervention in times of crisis
  • Item 2 – Technologies and operational methodologies for preservation
  • Item 3 – Life in buildings and historical cities
  • Item 4 – New considerations for the use and enhancement of monuments
  • Item 5 – The fruition of the heritage: cultural routes and landscape
  • Item 6 – The intervention on the historical heritage and educational experience



The primary objective of this congress, besides renewing the topics that were analyzed in the previous editions, is sharing the experiences related to the architectural and urban reuse and improves the valorization of heritage with strategies and models of intervention on the historical heritage, in the international context and the conservation and valorization of architectural, urban and environmental patrimony.

ReUSO 2105 pretends:

  • Evaluate the compatibility of the interventions in architectural heritage, towards a functional reuse of historical engineering and architecture, connected to the real needs of the context.
  • Spread theoretical and practical knowledge about improving the comfort, that is, the compatibility of the building energy rehabilitation through an eco-efficient reuse of architectural monuments and historic districts, while respecting the cultural and material values.
  • Boost the recovery heritage sector, gather together the international academic community, besides the business world innovator and specialize in the restoration, interested in the scientific divulgation in these subjects.


17 November 2014 – Registration opening
12 January 2015 – Abstract submission
02 April 2015 – Final date for reduced inscription
27 April 2015 – Preliminary paper submission for review
03 July 2015 – Final paper submission for review
07 September 2015– Final date for registration and reception of communications for inclusion in the procedings
22, 23, 24 October – Reuso 2015


Public in general: 170/190* €
Scientific committee: 140/160* €
Students: 120/150* €
Virtual oral communication: 90 €

*Reduced fees until 2nd April 2015

Web http://reuso2015.blogs.upv.es/

Information reuso2015valencia@gmail.com