REHAB 2014 International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Structures

March 19-21, 2014 * Tomar * Portugal


Organised by: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development
Conference Overview Tomar, Portugal

REHAB 2014 – International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Structures aims at pushing further the discussion on built heritage and the preservation of its legacy, establishing a settle of knowledge and experience from several parts of the world. The importance of conservation of historical constructions (built landscape, urban fabrics, buildings, and engineering works) are of utmost importance to preserve the cultural references of a community.

Under the main topics of discussion, subjects of preservation and rehabilitation methodologies and technologies, as well the importance of the economic and social impacts of preservation practices are here covered as the main leading guidelines for the conference debate.
Furthermore, different communities’ scales (local, regional national or even worldwide) raise different questions and approaches, and therefore different solutions that are worthily to study, to compare and to experience.
The sustainability approach is also covered, highlighting the importance of the commitment between heritage preservation and technical requirements related to its occupancy and use, such as energy efficiency or materials recovery.
Inclusivity is also an important aspect to be discussed as public historical sites and buildings need to be adapted to receive different kind of visitors (children, elderly or handicapped persons) and to establish an adequacy with the perceiving of the physical environment and information contents.
As a Special Chapter, Archaeological sites are brought into a particular approach as historical elements to be preserved, maintained and visited often when field works are carried on. These kinds of structures raise unique problems of preservation and promotion, and have highlighted the needs of specific solutions to be applied.
Authors intending to submit papers to REHAB 2014 are encouraged to address one of the topics of the Conference by providing evidence on past experience and ongoing research work.
Further, REHAB 2014 will welcome papers and presentations on field work, case studies and theoretical approaches to historical buildings preservation and conservation.



REHAB 2014 is a peer reviewed conference.


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