Hello All,

AMC has decided to demolish the historic Ellisbridge in favour of a new Concrete Bridge while only retaining the arches of the old bridge. We, the citizens of Ahmedabad, believe that Ellisbridge is integral to the identity and heritage of our city. We have initiated an online petition campaign to urge the Municipal Corporation to accept our request to retain the older Ellisbridge “as it is” without demolition.

It is believed that Gandhiji announced his intention of undertaking the Dandi March from the Ellisbridge. This bridge is also the first bridge to be built across the river Sabarmati and is important to the city while it attempts to achieve “World Heritage City” tag from UNESCO.

Ellisbridge can be a vibrant public space. It can be a place for “Ravivari” or other such ephemeral activities, if properly managed. It can also be a place on the river where people of different age groups find space to vent their creative & artistic talents. Ellisbridge, with its historical association, makes an ideal space for such activities to take place and to say the least, it will be a unique experience which no other city offers.

We urge the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to withdraw the proposal of demolishing the bridge and preserve it for future generations of Ahmedabad to understand their history and heritage. We would be happy to have a joint meeting with AMC to discuss options for Ellisbridge conservation and reuse.

We request you to sign the online petition at the following link : http://www.change.org/petitions/to-withdraw-the-proposal-of-demolishing-the-ellis-bridge?utm_campaign=petition_created&utm_medium=email&utm_source=guides

Please also share this with your friends and colleagues..

Thank you,

Manvita Baradi
State Convenor, INTACH Gujarat